Pilates is a gentle and effective form of training that fits everyone - all ages, if your a beginner or at elite level, if you've got back pain or arthritis, injuries, athletes, dancers etc. You get an individual training-program with exercises adapted specifically to your needs and conditions.

Focus is on strengthening the deep muscles that are responsible for posture, stability and body control. Through stretch- and strengthening-exercises you work towards achieving a balance  between flexibility and strength, which is often used in rehab training and by physiotherapists.

The classes are preformed on both pilates equipment and on mat.

About me

Linnéa Sandler, owner and founder of LS Pilates Place.
I am a certified dancer/dance teacher and found pilates in Munich, Germany, during rehab training of an injury. Since it gave me such good results as a dancer and in my everyday life I decided to become a pilates instructor,  certified BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training 2012.

I have since then worked as a pilates instructor and dancer in Germany and Sweden, and also participated in several continuing educations and workshops.


The studio is equipped with BASI Systems pilates apparatus.
In the studio you can train private or in a group together with 1 or 2 people. The classes are an hour long and we train without shoes.
Mat classes in lager groups can also be arranged as well as workshops/classes for your company/ private group according to arrangement, for more info contact me.


"I educated Linnéa Sandler in 2011 as a Pilates instructor for mat and machines and she has worked in my studio (Pilates House, Munich) for several years before she returned to her home country Sweden. Linnéa is a very sensitive and dedicated teacher and with her combination of being a dancer and Pilates instructor, she has a great understanding for the body and its biomechanics.

Linnéa always works according to the clients’ individual needs, from the elderly to teens, people with injuries, athletes who are seeking to enhance their performance or BASI® students who are preparing towards their exam. In each session Linnéa dives deeper into the work, she never showed a routine. I am very happy to have such a passionate teacher in the center of Sweden where I can highly recommend people to go to."

Natascha Eyber, Director of BASI® Pilates Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Scandinavia


Mobile: + 46 (0) 762 45 38 80


LS Pilates Place
Södra Promenaden 32
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